April Customer Specials


Are you attending a Party this APRIL?  If not, would you like to host YOUR OWN?  April Hostess Specials can be found HERE.  Contact me about setting up your own!


Here are the customer specials just for our April Customers!

APR15_CU1My three kids will definitely be receiving the Kid’s Mop Package this April!  They love helping out around the house, and having kid sized cleaning tools which actually work make their help USEFUL!




This Baby LOVES to do windows!  easycleanhome.com

Oscar (22 months) is already pretty handy with an EnviroCloth™, I can’t wait to see him tackle floors next!!


APR15_CU2The Clean ‘N Shiny package is a great start for those new to Norwex products.  With two EnviroCloth™s and the Window Cloth, you’ll be well on your way to cleaning nearly every surface in your house!  I’ll be sure to talk about their many uses and the (BacLock™) silver micron inside them at the Party!




APR15_CU3Kitchen Clean Up is a breeze with the Kitchen Towel (BacLock™), Dishwashing Liquid and 2 packs of  both the SpiriSponge (for non-stick surfaces) and Spirinett (for scrubbing baked on mess pots and pans).




APR15_CU4_USPower Scrub Pack includes the Cleaning Paste and a Scrubby Corner EnviroCloth™ (BacLock™).  The Cleaning Paste is your elbow grease in a jar!  Use it on bathtubs, sinks, stainless steel appliances, porcelain, tile, enamel, even chrome.




APR15_CU5The Clean Car Kit is just what you need to Spring Clean your vehicle!   It  includes the Car Cloth, Car Wash Mitt, a green EnviroCloth™ (BacLock™) and a handy Spray Bottle.  You can clean your entire car with just WATER!




I’m looking forward to sharing these products and others at our next Party.  Feel Free to look through our online catalog and make your wishlist, or place your April order directly!


Norwex April 2015 Customer Specials - www.easycleanhome.com



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Clean it with Just Water: Kitchen Cabinets!


Have you noticed that your kitchen cabinets aren’t as gleaming as they once were?  Who has time to scrub wood cabinets?

Clean with Just Water! www.Easycleanhome.com ...Way Better than dirty or complicated!



Let me show you how EASY it is to CLEAN your home – with just water!

How could you possibly go from the top photo to the bottom?

Traditionally, it’d take a long time. You’d need gloves and an uninterrupted afternoon where your kids and pets wouldn’t be near the chemicals you’d be exposing yourself to.


It took me 5 minutes, no gloves, and no worries about my toddler who was eating his lunch nearby breathing in anything.

How?  Water and my Norwex EnviroCloth™.

It’s a soft, self-purifying cloth which you can clean almost anything with!  The Norwex microfiber, at 1/200th of a human hair, grips any dirt you wipe it across.  It’s fast and it’s easy to squeeze in a few minutes here or there to catch up on your household chores!

As a Mom of three, ages 5 and under, I’m a constant multitasker!  Who has time to devote solely to your cabinets?  I hope to never have so much free time in my life that I would consider scheduling cabinet scrubbing into my calendar.  But, I can definitely wipe down a drawer while I’m wiping down my counters!  The same cloth lifts dirt and debris off my cabinets, then cleans my counters, polished and streak-free!

What then? A stinky, grimy, wet rag sitting around your kitchen?  No Way!!  Who wants that?  The Norwex Microfiber cloths self-purify!  The BacLock™ in the cloth, a micro-silver antibacterial agent, goes to work with self-purification properties against the mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours so that it can be used again!  You just hang it to dry, rinse and repeat.  Then, throw it in the laundry once a week or so.  Easy and Clean.  What could be better? (A Robotic Maid who serves desserts and cleans for you.  Unfortunately, technology is lacking in this area – so embrace the Norwex Microfiber instead, it’s way easier!)

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