Party with Norwex – May 2017 Host Rewards

When you host a 2017 Norwex party, you’ll enjoy the generosity of our hosting program!!  From the Host Exclusive collapsible laundry basket, to the Mini Superior Mop system, it’s so rewarding to be a host!!

Norwex Party Host Rewards - May 2017

I was so reluctant to attend my first Norwex party.  My friends were all going to be there, and I needed to get out of the house – so I said “OK, I’ll come.”  Once I saw these cloths in action, I was all in though.  As someone who never really liked cleaning, I loved how easy it was to use Norwex instead of toxic cleaners!  If my friend hadn’t host a party, I would have been missing out on so much!!  I’m so grateful she invited us over to her house for a short demo.  Now that I’ve been using Norwex for 2 years, I know how well it works and my family is definitely healthier from it.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one to share Norwex with your friends?  The gift of saving money, improving health and as a bonus: helping the environment!!  Who wouldn’t want to come?

Send me a message & let’s pick a date for your Norwex party!  I can even do online parties if you’re out of town!


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How do I Green Clean my Bathroom… with Norwex

What’s lurking in your bathroom?  Toothpaste? Soap scum?  Toddler Potty accidents?  Mold & Mildew stains??  Are you avoiding using toxic cleaners, and worry that green cleaning can’t get the job done?

I used to avoid cleaning my bathrooms; they were always last on my never-ending list of things I *should* be doing.  It always fell down to an emergency scrub when guests were coming over (or ON THE WAY  ACK!!), or when the filth finally got to a level where I was willing to give myself a fume-induced headache and get the job done.


Then, I discovered Norwex!!  Now, I can clean up the bathroom while my kids are standing in it (Or even better, have them clean the bathroom for me!!) without fumes or toxic cleaners.  Green cleaning made simple!  No need to mix up homemade concoctions just to find out that they don’t work.  What is this magic I’m speaking of??

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April 2017 Host Rewards

Celebrate Earth Month with your very own FREE superior mop system!!  I’d be happy to set up either an online or in person party for you as the hostess!!

Book your own April 2017 Party and receive a FREE Superior Mop system with a qualifying party!!

Contact me to schedule your April 2017 Party!!  (Contact info in sidebar)


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