How do I Green Clean my Bathroom… with Norwex

What’s lurking in your bathroom?  Toothpaste? Soap scum?  Toddler Potty accidents?  Mold & Mildew stains??  Are you avoiding using toxic cleaners, and worry that green cleaning can’t get the job done?

I used to avoid cleaning my bathrooms; they were always last on my never-ending list of things I *should* be doing.  It always fell down to an emergency scrub when guests were coming over (or ON THE WAY  ACK!!), or when the filth finally got to a level where I was willing to give myself a fume-induced headache and get the job done.


Then, I discovered Norwex!!  Now, I can clean up the bathroom while my kids are standing in it (Or even better, have them clean the bathroom for me!!) without fumes or toxic cleaners.  Green cleaning made simple!  No need to mix up homemade concoctions just to find out that they don’t work.  What is this magic I’m speaking of??

First, you need the Norwex Basic Package.  The EnviroCloth & Window Cloth will clean 85% of your house using only WATER!!  Woah!


How do I use it? Let’s start with your sink.

Grab your EnviroCloth, get it wet then fold it up & wring it out.  You want it to be damp, but not sopping wet.  I like to fold it in 4ths so I have a nice flat surface to work with, and then you can refold the dirty side underneath and have 8 cleaning sides!!   Use it flat and wipe down the counters, the sink, the toothpaste encrusted area hiding between the faucet & the wall.  I also wipe down my toilet, starting on the top, working my way down the handle, around the dust bunnies gathering around the base, wipe down all of the toilet seat & then the rim.

Hold on a second – you clean your bathroom sink & the toilet with the same cloth??

YES!!  Green Cleaning with Norwex microfiber is so efficient, it removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces with proper use & care.  I am completely confident that my surfaces are totally clean and that I’m not spreading yuck anywhere else.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been using the EnviroCloth this way for more than 2 years very successfully!!

So, what’s next?  The mirror!!

Rinse out your EnviroCloth well under running water and rub it together so any debris comes off, then wring it out again.  Wipe down the mirror, and grab your Window Cloth & polish it dry!  No streaks, no fuzzy paper towel lint and no blue sprays necessary!!


Let’s get back to that toilet now.

Enter my favorite toilet brush ever!!  (Do you have a favorite toilet brush?  My younger self might not have imagined how much joy this would bring me someday!)  The Ergonomic Toilet Brush has a handy thumb grip and sits in the little holder without touching the sides or bottom – no more sitting in a puddle of icky toilet water!!  As a bonus, the brush material is made with an antibacterial agent, so it’s not going to be growing a colony of yuck while it’s hanging out in your bathroom either!  I pair it with a few drops of the Blue Diamond All in One Bathroom Cleaner.  This concentrated solution will clean the inside of your toilet without fumes or dangerous toxins.  It uses Organic salts and citric acid replace strong corrosive acids in traditional cleaners.

How’s your shower looking?

The Bathroom Scrub Mitt will help you get it sparkling in no time!!  I often will use it to give my tile a quick wipe down while my kids are in the bathtub using just water.  If you have hard water mineral deposit build up, I recommend using the DeScaler with the Bathroom Scrub Mitt.  (Let the kids get out of the bath first this time!)  It cuts through lime & rust, and is especially useful for glass shower enclosures & doors!

Do you have any Mold & Mildew stains?  Skip the bleach headache, and use our green cleaning alternative: Mold & Mildew Remover.  Spray and let sit, then wipe stains away with an EnviroCloth or Bathroom Scrub Mitt.


So what’s left?  The floor!

Now, my bathroom is not luxurious or large – this house was built in 1920 afterall!! Since it’s small, sometimes I will just give the whole floor a quick swipe with the Bathroom Scrub Mitt & call it a day.  If you’re not feeling flexible and wanting to kneel on the floor, you’ll be thrilled with the Superior Mini Mop!  The small sized reuseable mop heads are great for dry dusting & sweeping, and then wet for cleaning with that same 99% removal of bacteria from surfaces! Do you have a tile floor? We have a special Tile Mop Pad which has scrubby wavy lines in it to help get grime off your grout! I also highly recommend pairing the floor system with the rubber brush for ease of debris removal from the dry pad.


Did you know there are THREE ways to get the Mop System into your home?  

First, you could purchase it right now, and it is worth every penny!!  I use it everyday to keep my chaotic house under control.

Second, you can Host your own Norwex Party & earn it for FREE.   Each month the Hostess Rewards offer the opportunity to use your earned shopping spree credit toward anything you’d like – so why not the mop?  **Certain months even include the Mop system for Free, and then you can use your shopping spree credit on something else! (And, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something else you want in the catalog!)

Third, is the way I got the mop for free – by joining Norwex as a consultant!  With only the out of pocket cost of shipping & tax, the Mop system is featured as part of our Party Starter Kit.  As a new consultant you’ll have ample opportunities to receive most of the Norwex catalog for free – why not share it with others?  Looking for more information on becoming a Norwex Consultant?

So now you’ve green cleaned your bathroom, without harmful fumes or toxic cleaners!  Give yourself a high five and a gold star!  (And enjoy the company that’s arriving any minute – we both know that’s why you decided to clean the bathroom today!)

Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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