Your Norwex Consultant is Celebrating a BIG Birthday!

This Norwex consultant loves to celebrate.  High Fives are freely given in my world for accomplishing nearly anything.  Clean underpants?  YES!!  (Disclaimer – I have small children, this is DEFINITELY worth celebrating!)  Shiny stainless steel garbage can?  YES!!!!  All the dust bunnies & abandoned toys out from under the couch without bending over? YES!!  Not needing the MEGA-pack of paper towels from the store anymore?  TOTAL HIGH FIVE!!

Birthdays?  Most Definitely.  We have a special banner that gets hung up across the doorframe to the dining room, the honoree chooses the kind of cake (strong influences from Mom to choose ice cream cake, but it’s ultimately their choice), and we ALL sing that special birthday song.  (I’m also one of those people who believes EVERYONE should sing, no matter what.  Your voice is your own, and we all need to hear from all of you!!)

So, what does this have to do with my passion for Norwex?  We’re celebrating the big 2-3!! (Just for a moment, let me reminisce in the way-back machine.  Age 23?  I was married & working Theatre/University events at odd hours while my new hubby was completing a degree & waiting tables.  We were proud of how grown up we were,  and looking back, I’m really proud of all the hard work which got us not only there but to right now!!

So, with special appreciation, and a REALLY loud voice: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORWEX!!  Cheers to many more!!

Of course, what’s a Birthday without a meaningful gift?  Norwex is such a generous company, they’re giving US three of them!!

First, Hostesses with parties at the $550+ level through the end of June will receive a surprise gift!!

Join For FREE as a Norwex Consultant in June 2017!  I can help you every step of the way!

Second, New Consultants can JOIN FOR FREE as our gift for their commitment to creating Safe Havens!Join For FREE as a Norwex Consultant in June 2017!  I can help you every step of the way!

This mini Business starter kit is the perfect way to try out your own Norwex Business!  You’ll receive business supplies, our signature EnviroCloth & WindowCloth, as well as training and support!!  I’ll be YOUR coach, sharing my keys to success and you’ll be joining one of the most supportive groups of women I’ve worked with!!  We have a spirit of generosity which goes beyond “work” and is part of the genuine relationships we have with each other.  I’d love to share this positive work environment with YOU!


There’s a THIRD Birthday celebration!!  When you sign up as a consultant before the end of June 2017, you have the option of taking home the Birthday BONUS package of Norwex products for a whopping 47% off retail price!!  This one time offer is only available during the consultant sign up bonus, and includes MANY must-haves to display & share Norwex!!

Join For FREE as a Norwex Consultant in June 2017!  I can help you every step of the way!

WOW, that’s a lot of celebration!!  With the exclusive Birthday Bonus Package at sign up, you’ll receive over $280 worth of Norwex for only $162.92 (plus tax/$9.99 shipping&handling).


Are you ready to jump in as a Norwex Consultant?  You can sign up here:

Have questions?  Send me text or email, and I’d be happy to give more details – including an invite to a LIVE info session via Facebook on Tuesday, June 20th!!  

So, come celebrate with me!! Happy Birthday Norwex!!

Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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