New Year, New Norwex!

2018 is here, and why not ring in the new year with some brand new Norwex products?  Our 2018 catalog has been released, and I’m so excited to share our newest items with you!

The New 2018 products are here - request your new catalog from

The New 2018 products are here – request your new catalog from

New Reusable Napkins – now in Peacock colorway

How many paper napkins are thrown away by your family every week?  Make the choice to go reusable – and try the Norwex Cloth napkins, which are made by 50% recycled plastic bottles. The Peacock colorway is now available in addition to Slate Gray.  

Hate to iron?  Great news, no ironing needed!  They wash and dry like a dream, no wrinkles or creases.

Only lightly used?  Rinse under running water & let dry to reuse without laundering.  The Norwex BacLock (TM) prevents the growth & smells of bacteria within the cloths!

Order online & direct ship to your home!  Norwex Napkins, Peacock Set of 4  or Norwex Napkins, Slate Set of 4

Counter Cloths – with limited edition House Holder!

The counter cloths are sized just like a half-sheet paper towel and come in 2 colorways.  These cloths contain Norwex BacLock (TM) and are made from 50% recycled plastic!




Your Blue tones are Marine, Teal, & Sea Mist, or your Neutral tones are Slate, Vanilla & Mushroom.

The Limited edition box which looks like a house is sized to replace that paper towel holder on your counter, and serves a dual purpose of counter cloth storage as well as a discreet drying spot on top for your cloths!email  Due to Unprecedented demand, the house is all sold out!!  If you’d like to be notified if it becomes available again, send me an !

Order online & direct ship to your home!   Counter Cloths, Set of 3 Marine, Teal & Sea Mist , Counter Cloths Set of 3 Slate, Vanilla & Mushroom

Norwex for your Body!

Pamper yourself this year with Norwex Lip Balms.  Adding to our extremely popular Natural Lip Balm, there are three additional flavors now available in oversized containers!  Enjoy Pineapple Coconut, Orange Vanilla and Black Raspberry.  Complete with USDA certified organic ingredients, these natural flavors will soothe, moisturize and protect your lips.  They’re even Gluten free!

These over-sized Lip Balms will be a welcome addition to your purse, backpack or car console!   Order each flavor separately, or splurge and add all three to your online order & direct ship to your home: Pineapple Coconut, Orange Vanilla or Black Raspberry.


Which new Norwex do you see helping create a safer haven in your home?  I’d love to hear what you think!!

Happy Norwexing, Barbara


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