Host a Norwex Party Online – with Facebook!

Did you know that you can host your own Norwex Party from home using Facebook? By choosing to host an online party, you’ll still receive all the perks and rewards of being a Norwex Host, but you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home!

Why Host a Norwex Party Online?

  1. Maybe you’re living away from friends & family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a social event that everyone can attend from wherever they live? Hosting a Norwex party online is a great way to connect with your loved ones and show them how much you care about their health, saving money and making good choices for the environment.
  2. It fits into your schedule!  It can be hard to juggle your full schedule of working, your kid’s extra-curricular activities, taking care of aging family members.  Sometimes, opening up your home for an evening just isn’t in the cards.  By hosting a party online, using Facebook, you can still connect with your friends and family without anyone getting a sitter, driving across town or missing out!
  3. It’s FUN!  I love sharing funny GIFs, memes and joking about the lighter side of keeping your home clean!  Your EasyCleanHome Norwex Party online is a judgement-free zone.  It doesn’t matter if you compulsively clean every surface of your home hourly or if you’re not sure what color some of the surfaces of your home are under the piles of things you just haven’t gotten to yet. (I’ve totally been there!!)


What do I get for hosting a Norwex party online?

You earn the SAME monthly Host Rewards as an online host using Facebook as you would hosting an In-Home Norwex party.  Each month Norwex offers host rewards using the 4 Star Rewards program.  These include:

  1. Earn Host Rewards based on the number of Buying Guests.  The More Guests Who Purchase, the More FREE Product You Earn!  There are six levels of rewards for this star.  The first reward is FREE SHIPPING for your host order when you have 3 Buying Guests!
  2. Host Free Dollars based on the total product sales for your party!
    8% of total guest sales in free products with sales up to $249.99
    10% of total guest sales in free products with sales $250-$749.99
    12% of total guest sales in free products with sales $750 and above
  3. Earn a FREE Window Cloth with each Booking!  The PINK Window Cloth is an exclusive gift for our hostesses!
  4. Earn an exclusive Host Special award when your party total reaches the $350, $550, $750 or $1000 level! Qualified Party Total, minimum 3 buying guest orders and 1 party booking are required to achieve a Host Special award.

How do I become an Online Norwex Party Host?

Comment below or send an email to and let’s choose a date!!  I can’t wait to share Norwex with you and your family & friends!!!


Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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Visiting Pittsburgh with Kids

Four kids, a week off of school & the need to “get out of dodge” for a few days.  Why not visit Pittsburgh?  It’s a pretty drive into the hills of Western Pennsylvania, and we were lucky that our NY February Break from school didn’t coincide with the PA vacation week!  So, that meant we had plenty of choices on where to stay and which sites to visit without battling potential crowds.

Visiting Pittsburgh with Kids - where to stay & tips for the best experiences at the Children's Museum and Carnegie Science Center.  Brought to you by

Visiting Pittsburgh with Kids – where to stay & tips for the best experiences at the Children’s Museum and Carnegie Science Center

Travelling with 4 kids under 8

We have brand loyalty in our house for Marriott.  (This isn’t a sponsored post, we just almost always stay there).  We’ve found that the Residence Inn brand offers the best bang for your buck when travelling with more than 2 kids.  We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite which offered a kitchen, (small-ish) dining area, living area (the couch pulled out into a bed) and the 2 bedrooms with en suite baths.  This set up makes it easy to get take-out for a meal when the kids are not in the mood for a restaurant, and the indoor pool was a hit too!  Another benefit is the included full breakfast.  Avoiding the headache of taking sleepy/grumpy/hungry kids into a diner for breakfast is a real WIN.

So, where do you put all those kids?

Our 8 & 6 year olds share one bedroom, the 4 year old is put to bed in the other bedroom with the baby in a pack in play (provided by the hotel) in the same room.  My husband and I enjoyed some wine & Olympics on the TV for the evening, which is SO MUCH BETTER than everyone sharing a traditional 1 room hotel!  Once the adults were ready for bed, we moved the 4 year old to the sofa bed.  (Carefully holding our breath & saying a little prayer he stayed asleep – which he didn’t, but after a quick potty break he happily settled in the living room).

For this trip, we stayed at the Residence Inn Pittsburgh University/Medical Center 3896 Bigelow Blvd, Pittsburgh 15213, offered a convenient spot to get to all the attractions without much traffic delay.  It has been recently updated, and offered free parking in the enclosed parking garage.  Highlights from the Kids’ viewpoint?  Riding the elevator, arguing over who gets to push the button next time and swimming in the pool before bedtime each night.

What to do with your kids while visiting Pittsburgh?

TIP:  Look at your local museum memberships for reciprocal admissions!  Our local science museum is an ASTC member which meant we visited both of these Pittsburgh Musuems for FREE!

Children’s Museum Pittsburgh

10 Children’s Way Allegheny Square, Pittsburgh 15212

Museum hours are generally 10-5.  We visited from 1-5pm and felt that we had embraced the entire 1st & 2nd floors.  The 3rd floor features a water/splash exploration park.  We weren’t prepared with our suits and decided not to visit it, although my husband said it looked like a LOT of fun!

On the main floor there’s the Art Studio where the kids learned Screenprinting.

TIP, visit the Art Studio early on so your project has time to dry before you travel home

The older children (8,6 & 4 yrs) enjoyed the ramped wall, which was fully enclosed but went up 2 stories in the air!  It was a bit of a puzzle to figure out how to go up and come back down again, but once they figured it out we spent a lot of time watching them explore it.

The Maker Studio offered interactive projects featuring music and a Candlemaking workshop when we visited.  The staff throughout the museum were extremely friendly and helpful, offering suggestions on how to interact with the exhibits.  We had some great conversations with several staff members!

The Garage was my favorite area.  It is a massive space, formerly a planetarium.  Clever uses of pulleys and wires creates a living sculpture that launches beach balls up to the top and on tracks around the room.  There are areas to create your own vehicles & drive them in a skate-park-esque and an interactive station to create your own bicycle spokes then race them against others down a ramp.  A wind room had blowing scarves that even our baby enjoyed crawling through and there were many other activities which used a muscle power to move.  A rope ladder and twisty slide helps burn off a LOT of energy too.  I can say our kids slept VERY soundly that night.

The travelling exhibit when we visited featured the work of Mo Willems.  “The Pigeon Comes to Pittsburgh” had something for all ages, from drawing stations to mixed up blocks creating funny heads/torsos of classic characters from the books.  There was a video presentation, the “bus” you don’t want to let the pigeon drive and a fun flipbook to see how the drawings of Pig & Elephant seem to move through the books.

We had arrived after lunch time, but there is a large dining area off the main lobby featuring some delicious looking healthy fare.  Even if you don’t dine there, it’s worth walking in and checking out the HUGE brass & marble trimmed pendulum.  It knocks over metal dowels showing how the earth moves over time, and is the most decorative pendulum I’ve ever seen!

TIP:  Check their website for the Visit Us Tab, and look at their “Field Trip Forecast” to avoid crowds!

Carnegie Science Center & SportsWorks

One Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh 15212

We happened to visit during a special Engineers interactive week, which meant both tables with professional engineers doing demonstrations and at times, larger school group crowds. Fortunately the Science Center is quite large and it wasn’t a problem.  Highlights for our kids included the miniature train room, which was so detailed  that we went back and strolled through several times.  The robotics floor, including a contest to see who could get more baskets, people or the robotic arm, as well as the talking/moving robot you could program from a console for everyone to enjoy.

There was a large indoor playground/activity center which was still under construction when we visited, but should be open before this summer.  We also missed out on touring the submarine outside in the river – we’ll definitely want to check that out next time!

As we were leaving (literally 30 mins before the center closed!), we noticed the Sportsworks building next door.  It is included in your Science Center admission, and if you have kids that are either active or sports-centered make sure you don’t miss it!!  I was so impressed by the level of staffing, and their professional demeanor toward everyone.  Our kids and my husband really enjoyed climbing the rock walls (while professional harnessed, and with the expert staff giving encouragement and tips), and I even got to get in on the action taking our 4.5 year old up on the “Sky Walk.”  This is an obstacle course of sorts, several stories up in the air – including a zip line across the room!!  It was memorable and fun.

Hint: Plan to arrive late in the day after the school groups have left on a weekday, or first thing in the morning when the science center opens.

We enjoyed this so much we came back for a second session the next morning!  It was a great little getaway for our family, and I expect that we’ll be back again to check it out this summer!

Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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April Norwex Customer Specials

What are the Norwex Customer Specials for April?

Great Question!  You’re a smart cookie because you knew EasyCleanHome would have those April Norwex Customer Specials all in one easy to access place!  Did you know that you can order directly online without attending an in-home party?  Order Online Here:

Are you Ready to Party for the Planet this April?

April 2018 Norwex Customer Add on - Order online

Norwex is offering an amazing deal for our customers in April!!

  • Spend $95 and purchase a graphite kitchen Towel for just $10.  (That’s a savings of $9.99!!)
  • Spend $110 and purchase two graphite Kitchen Cloths for just $15. (Regularly $21.98!!)
  • You can purchase both offers!! When your order is $110, you can add on both the Kitchen Towel and two Cloths!!  (Save $16.98!!)

Customer Specials for April

April 2018 Norwex Customer Specials - Order online

Bath and Body Bundle

This April exclusive bundle is $52.98 and offers a savings from the regular price of $59.98!

  • Vibrant Color Body Pack – This set of 3 body cloths are Norwex washcloths for your whole family!!  My family uses them to bathe without soap!  They even contain the BacLock technology to self sanitize as they dry!
  • Graphite Bath Towel – This large bath towel will wrap you up in Norwex Microfiber and dries SO quickly!  It has BacLock and is lightweight!  It rolls up really small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your linen closet!

Order Online Here:

Spring Cleaning Basics

Cleaning Paste is one of my top selling items!  This solid gives you elbow grease in a jar – I’ve seen it take Permanent Marker off of multiple surfaces: tile, wood, even stainless steel appliances!!  With this deal, you not only save $22 but you also receive TWO graphite Envirocloths which are useful ALL OVER your home.  This deal is only $47.98!

Order Online Here:

Sustainable Sink Set

This set includes the set of 3 Sink mats and the silicone bottle brush with EnviroSleeve.  What a great combo for keeping your kitchen in tip top shape!  Regularly $49.99, you can have this deal for only $43.98!

Order Online Here:

Pitch the Plastic Set – with BONUS Special Edition Optic Scarf!

Say YES to helping the enviroment by reducing your one-time use of plastics and other consumables!  This powerhouse package contains:

  • Reusable Produce Bags (set of 3)
  • Reusable Grocery Bag with BacLock inside!
  • Set of 2 Silicone lids
  • Set of 4 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
  • Stainless Steel drinking straw BRUSH

Plus, Norwex is gifting you the Special Edition Optic Scarf (value of $19.99) as a thank you for caring for the enviroment!!!!

Order Online Here:

Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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