Host a Norwex Party Online – with Facebook!

Did you know that you can host your own Norwex Party from home using Facebook? By choosing to host an online party, you’ll still receive all the perks and rewards of being a Norwex Host, but you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home!

Why Host a Norwex Party Online?

  1. Maybe you’re living away from friends & family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a social event that everyone can attend from wherever they live? Hosting a Norwex party online is a great way to connect with your loved ones and show them how much you care about their health, saving money and making good choices for the environment.
  2. It fits into your schedule!  It can be hard to juggle your full schedule of working, your kid’s extra-curricular activities, taking care of aging family members.  Sometimes, opening up your home for an evening just isn’t in the cards.  By hosting a party online, using Facebook, you can still connect with your friends and family without anyone getting a sitter, driving across town or missing out!
  3. It’s FUN!  I love sharing funny GIFs, memes and joking about the lighter side of keeping your home clean!  Your EasyCleanHome Norwex Party online is a judgement-free zone.  It doesn’t matter if you compulsively clean every surface of your home hourly or if you’re not sure what color some of the surfaces of your home are under the piles of things you just haven’t gotten to yet. (I’ve totally been there!!)


What do I get for hosting a Norwex party online?

You earn the SAME monthly Host Rewards as an online host using Facebook as you would hosting an In-Home Norwex party.  Each month Norwex offers host rewards using the 4 Star Rewards program.  These include:

  1. Earn Host Rewards based on the number of Buying Guests.  The More Guests Who Purchase, the More FREE Product You Earn!  There are six levels of rewards for this star.  The first reward is FREE SHIPPING for your host order when you have 3 Buying Guests!
  2. Host Free Dollars based on the total product sales for your party!
    8% of total guest sales in free products with sales up to $249.99
    10% of total guest sales in free products with sales $250-$749.99
    12% of total guest sales in free products with sales $750 and above
  3. Earn a FREE Window Cloth with each Booking!  The PINK Window Cloth is an exclusive gift for our hostesses!
  4. Earn an exclusive Host Special award when your party total reaches the $350, $550, $750 or $1000 level! Qualified Party Total, minimum 3 buying guest orders and 1 party booking are required to achieve a Host Special award.

How do I become an Online Norwex Party Host?

Comment below or send an email to and let’s choose a date!!  I can’t wait to share Norwex with you and your family & friends!!!


Hi! I’m Barbara – my chaotic home contains four darling children and one often out of town work-travelling husband. I’m the author of EasyCleanHome and I help Moms find their ‘easy button’ to keep both their sanity and homes in one piece. Need some help “keeping it all together”? Join my mailing list, and as a bonus you’ll receive my list of Top 3 Favorite Ways to De-Stress in a Hurry.

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